She got back with her ex bf, but DOES NOT act like it?

Can someone explain this to me please? I am extremely baffled. Please note I met this girl off a dating site and she is extremely into me. She out right said so and shows it! These events are not in chronological order

Signs she has a bf:
-When I first met her on a dating website, i heard through a mutual friend who recognized her, that she has a bf. I asked the girl this, she said no
- I was bored one day and texted her number via a texting app and said "hey do you have a bf?" and she said "who is this? and yes"
- She told me she put her # online to get support for her problems. I took advantage of this and texted her pretending to be one of her supportive, new, online chat buddies. I asked her how her relationships have been affected and if she's in one, she said she's been in one for 2 years. (I FOUND THIS OUT 3 DAYS AGO) When I asked why she was on a dating website she said "We took a break"

Signs she doesn't have a bf:
-Again, me asking her, as well as a different mutual real life friend, asking her. She said no
-She got offended and insecure that i messaged her flirty best friend, asking her an innocent question
-Shes out right flirted with me and told me she's looking for something long term
-We got into an argument one time and she threatened to go date one of her friends, as well as reactivate her okcupid account ( a month ago)
-When I ask her about dating, she goes "im extremely depressed and going through alot, i wanna be single for awhile"

As you can see, i "Creeped" and found out she might have a boyfriend. How do i get that info out of her? I need to know the truth! she's telling strangers (anonymous me) one thing, and me something completely different!

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  • you need to sit down and have a honest talk with her


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  • Doesn't matter if she has one or not--she isn't an honest person. I dont know about you, but to me that would be reason enough to stay away

    • I need to confront her and ask her, but I don't know how.

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    • How do I go about phrasing it? The only way to ask, would show that im the anon texter? Do you think maybe something like "Hey, so i got my friend to text you to show you support cause he's good at that stuff. he then told me whats going on with your life... including bf problems. why didn't you tell me you have a bf?"

    • Yeah, I think that would be good. Though I'd recommend something more straight up like, Do you have a boyfriend or not? She won't have as wide a chance at evading if its straight up, but go for what you feel is best