Snapchat, are these clues or is it nothing?

Okay this girl who is interested in me (all of the good signals I see; looking at me then looking away, playing with hair etc) but gives mixed signals is always looking at every snapchat I put on my "story" is there any reason for that? She is pretty shy but very good looking, 19 years old I'm 20, would say I'm good looking from all the compliments I get. I'm normally extremely well with women but this girl makes me nervous (which honestly has never happened which is why it sucks) and she confuses me but I know that attraction is there... could those constant need to look at my snaps be a sign of anything?


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  • She could just be interested in what your doing. A lot of girls like to kill time, personally I don't look at everyones story on snap chat.. only the people Im actually interested in such as friends or family. But sometimes we get bored, as humans, and look at every story we possibly can.

    So you can base off her interest in you in solely that. I would send her a snap, see if/ what she replies. And that will show a bit more signs of interest on her part.


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  • dude... i feel sorry for you your 20 not 1, you shouldn't be as clueless at this age. If you like a girl there is only one way to find out if they like you back and its not by eagerly waiting around to see if she looks your direction or has opened your snapchat, TALK TO HER see how the conversation goes if it goes well after a few days ask if she would maybe want to hang out sometime. Dont just make assumptions, its expectations that lead to disapointments. I look at everyones snaps as im sure most people do out of curiosity or bordom.

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    • Will do

    • Thankyou :)

  • Its too generic. She's not showing enough signs.


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