Is he catching feels or is this normal for friends with benefits?

This guy and I hung out from last July-January, and then things just fizzled out. He came to my birthday 2 months ago and we've been hanging out again. We don't text everyday, but when he does text, it's during the day. He never texts me late at night to come over or anything like that. We're both busy studying during the week, but we've been hanging out every weekend. We usually go out with friends, but I've noticed in the last month, he hasn't been flirting with girls like he used to. He usually hangs out with his guy friends or talks to me. My ex boyfriend was at the same place last weekend, and he kind of got territorial and put his arm around me to show I was with him. He also jokingly asked if I still want to hangout with my ex. We always go home together, and the sex is great. He always cuddles when we go to sleep and kisses me on the forehead. I feel like he might have some feelings, but I'm not sure because we don't talk everyday. He's leaving for 2 months, so I don't know if he doesn't want to get too attached or what.


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  • It sounds like he likes you to me. I think if he is going away for 2 months you should probably wait until he gets back so you don't start to miss each other too much. The part about him not flirting with other girls is my first clue he likes you. He cuddles you is very important and a kiss on the forehead is a very romantic as well. Good luck and I hope this helps you :D


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