Is he possessive, jealous, curious, or what?

The guy I'm dating, told me he had googled my name to see my online profile on linkedin (which we had talked a lot about). In the sidebar on my profile random people show up, which is something linkedin generates by itself. One random guy is in our circle of friends, but I don't know him. The guy I'm dating asked me who he was without telling me that he had checked my profile which I found weird. I mean - even if I DID google my his name secretly, I would NEVER tell him. And I just thought that this was strange. What does it tell me about him?


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  • He is littel jealous
    as he just does not wanna loose u
    and also does not wanna be cheated

    some people says this is insecurity
    But according to me it starting love
    the fear of being cheated
    of loosing someone on whom u like
    and he checked because he cares

    he wanted to make sure that u r really wanna with him

    and it is very bad idea that u said
    if u would have checked then u would never told him

    sorry may be my English is not so good

    but i suggest u not to hide anything
    though it seem very weird just say

    he said u
    because he trusts u dear
    and he is honest to u
    it is the proof

    and u also should be honest to him
    if u can not
    then sorry to say
    These words will be rough
    but break up with him
    and leave him
    means if u can not be honest or trustable then u have no right to have such a trustable carring and loving guy

    so thanks for reading
    i said if u r going to hurt him
    then just leave him
    it isvbetter than any other type of hurt
    i just don't want any of u hurted very much
    so that any will loos trust from this magical things like love like care

    • It just takes me a little more time than others to trust people :-)

    • I know but should respect him
      and honour thatvhe is really honest
      and trust u
      so he shares the every matter with u
      assuming u will understand his feeling
      don't hurt him
      nd yet though don't let him to use u
      by the way after all he is a guy

      but u can trust him
      by seeing in his eyes
      they will never lie to u
      and u will kmow frrom heart weather u should trustvor not

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  • He's not possessive or jealous, he's insecure. While that may be a turn on, what is a positive thing out of it is that he's open to being vulnerable with you. The question is whether or not this sort of thing is something you're okay with or not.

    • To be honest I don't care as long as he isn't questioning me because he does it himself. I mean - a thief always thinks others are stealing.

    • Then you have absolutely nothing to worry about unless he's confronted you about such things. Acquiring a property together is a big thing. and I meant turn off* in the previous comment.

    • Okay thank you :-)

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  • Well, it sounds like he may have a low self esteem and his paranoia from that would cause him to do such a thing. He may be worried about loosing you, and so tries to keep a watchful eye, but sadly, these type of people can be very possessive, controlling, jealous and what not. I think that maybe you should talk to him about it and encourage him to work on his self esteem and help him with it on the way. If he does not, his possessive actions may escalate and you may feel trapped in the relationship, and so if he does not change that, I'm sorry to say, but you should leave. It will never be worth it in the long run.

    • It's the only thing that he'd done that I thought was weird :-/

  • What is linkeden