Guys!!! Is it appropriate to say that I want love? or would it make you wanna run away?

This guy has been emotionally distant with me because of long distance like he texts me less and calls me less. I don't like it one bit. Instead of saying to him that he seems different, is it appropriate to say that I want a committed serious relationship and that I want love? I know You can't force love but I can't deny to myself that I'm falling for this guy, and if he doesn't feel the same then I jsut want to walk out while its still early


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  • I agree with emiliaaaaaa, long distance doesn't work, at one point i believed it did and then i found out the hard way it doesn't. So please believe me when i say they don't work, and lets say for a instance you try anyway, you want love right, how will you ever find it with him if you can't do anything in person with him, you can't hangout or go to the movies, you can't do anything physical, basically you can't do anything but talk over the phone or over Skype and believe me that gets old after a while, your better off ending it now then wasting months or years on a relationship that ultimately will go nowhere.

    • We have hung out and went out on dates for almost 3 months before he moved out of state and said he will come back mid July and plans on moving here in august.

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  • No it is totally appropriate
    but u must say to someone from whom u r having hope to get love

    For case
    i will suggest to meet him in privacy
    and say what u feel about him
    don't feel shame because it is bad thing

    Desr it is really very good and kind thing to ask someone for love

    say him while seeing in his eyes
    and ask him what he wants
    if he refuse
    forget him
    U will get better

    and if he agree start loving each other
    make sure u will not get used and such a way let him to fall for u
    don't fall too much for anyone
    cause if u will be saperated because of any reason
    then thus u will not be able to forget him
    just take care

  • its appropriate to say you want love just like its respectful to let a guy know you want sex too


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  • i was in this situation too. Honestly, from my experience, Long distance relationship never work out.