This girl has everything I need, but?

Hello Ladies, and the occasional Gent,

I am currently trying to get closer to this one girl in my class. I found her attractive from a physical point, but nothing beyond that until I initiated a conversation with her. Within 5 minutes of talking to her I immediately felt like I ought to get to know her. I asked her for a walk and coffee and she agreed. I feel great with her, she's light, smart, and just gets my gears going, whatever that means. I immediately got her number prior to going our separate ways and I've messaged her quite consistently since then, although I try not to overdo it.

We decided to hang out one day after class about a week after we started talking and she invited me to go to the beach with her and I agreed to go. Somewhere between the after class hangout and the beach day I asked her if I was making it clear that I'd like to see her more often. She told me that she did and that I'm "pretty cool" ( which was later revised to be the most flattering descriptions one could possibly come up with after I pestered her about simply calling me "pretty cool") She explained that she wants to be friends because she was just in a long term relationship.

Come beach day it was great, but I also got to see that she has other guys who want her and while it wasn't exactly fun to know I have competition it was great to see her be able to handle guys.

It's such a strange situation, because I want her and yet I can't really do anything about it. Is there anything I can do so that I can get to see her more often? I was thinking of just inviting her to events, but I noticed money is an issue so I was wondering what I could do to reel her in like the pisces she is >:)


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  • You said the answer: "She explained that she wants to be friends because she was just in a long term relationship"...
    Even if you like this girl A LOT, you should respect her relationship.
    There are many other single girls.
    Also, if a woman likes you, money is not an issue. Just a cheap coffe or tea cup and a quiet place like the beach or a park, talking by hours is good enough!.

    • I needed someone to be honest about that lol. It is just a shame reading what you just said made me feel pins and needles in my arms and legs. Thank you.

    • No problem and on't feel bad. I had a smiliar situation, few years ago :/
      Good luck and i'm sure you'll find a cute girl just for you :)

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