What do I do about my friend and my boyfriend?

We play fight a lot, kicking, calling each other names, saying we hate each other. All playfully. We were at rehearsals yesterday and he tried pushing me off stage, and kept kicking me during the choreography. I tried to do the same. He pushed me again and said it was his friend, even though it was clearly him. We have a strict dance coach, and my friend got us boh into trouble because I went and sat with him and we were sticking bits of paper on each others arms. My friend said the worst thing I did was stick it on his face, because facial contact is a large sign of flirting... I HAVE A BOYFRIEND AND IM SCARED BECAUSE I KIND OF LIKE MY FRIEND... More than my boyfriend... What do I do? Does my friend like me? Am I even flirting?



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  • You are definitely flirting. I don't see when you would continue dating your boyfriend if there is someone you like more. Your current boyfriend obviously isn't the one for you.


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  • listen, save your boyfriend the damage of having you cheat on him, this develops all kinds of emotional troubles, troubles he can do with out. so just dump him and go out with this other dude.


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