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So I've met this guy like maybe 4 times, he is an associate of my ex, whom I left 4 mos ago. I haven't dated anyone since. This guy is very handsome. He asked for my numbe over Instagram and we've been chatting for about a month or so, but haven't seen each other. He calls me here and there to talk, always tells me goodmorning. He lives an hr away and works a lot. Said we were going to get together but haven't made plans yet. He has talked about wishing he could cuddle with me, and once or twice made a sexual comment, harmless though. I brushed it off bc I want more than that. He said he thought I was beautiful since he first saw me. I just don't know what's going on, it's like it's not moving anywhere. I'm not clingy so I don't constantly blow his phone up, I sometimes just don't care for phones, I want real interactions.

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Well right after posting that he said he can't wait to see me when he gets back. I meant to mention out schedules have been conflicting, I've been working nights and him days, just got done a 2 wks ago. And 1 of those i was on vaca, now he is.
He gets back tues. And he asked what I considered a good first date to be.


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  • I don't know. The guy sounds pretty forward which usually isn't a great sign for somebody looking for something legit. Something I've noticed watching other guys interact with women is that when they don't want to mess something up (cause they like the woman) they are less likely to be forward. They are worried they might come across the wrong way and blow it. He hasn't even really hung with you in person yet, but he's talking about cuddling and your looks. My experience says that's usually not a great sign.

    If he makes some plans with you, like a coffee date or something, why not? But just approach him with caution.

    Also to add, the whole thing about him being an associate of your ex does somewhat throw up a red flag to me. More just a gut thing than anything though.

    • Yeah I totally agree with you on this. I'm proceeding with cation, because I know hat I don't want. Thanks though! I knew all of what you said, it just makes it more true coming from someone outside the box!

    • Yeah, I mean I got the vibe you already knew this, but confirmation is sometimes important. I know that from experience. You want to know it's not just something in your own head; so I wanted to help assure you it's not.

      Good luck, hopefully things work out for the best though.

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  • He has probably got someone else and is waiting to see how you react, before committing to you. Sounds harsh, but the best thing you can do is wind him up by ignoring his calls or playing hard to get. If you go along all nice and welcoming, he might take you for granted and you won't get what you want out of the situation anyway (according to what I hear all you women want out of situations, lol)

    • I don't wait around checking my phones every 2 mins for a text, and I've missed his calls due to being out of service doing my thing. I think he may be interested but I'm scared it may be conflict because of my ex. But he said he can't wait to get back from vaca and see me. So maybe.

    • Looks like you've made up you're mind then. Just keep on doing what you're doing,... for me it's not a huge issue, but you see it in others: Are you sure the ex thing isn't giving you blinkered vision a bit and that you like this guy BECAUSE of the ex?

    • No, I'm over my ex. We had something good for a while and then it wasn't so we ended it. I've found this guy attractive since I first met him, which was the first time I hung out with my ex. I wasn't interested in him, I just found him attractive.

  • If he really wanted to meet and see you or spend time with you by now.. he would have done.. Well if I like a girl.. i'd try play it cool for a week or so but after that I would defo wanna meet her and spend time face to face with her..

    • I see your point, but I just finished working 2 months of night shift about 2 weeks ago and he works days, then I went on a week vaca, now he left for a vaca til tue. So our schedules have been conflicted.

    • If by the time you're both free and he doesn't contact you or arrange a date.. well you have your answer to your question.

  • arrange to meet up! for the weekend or something! get that first date! if it doesn't happen within the next 3-4weeks, move on!


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