Who would agree that dating sites is basically a waste of time for most young average and below average looking guys? Read my additional details?

Most of the time if the average or below average looking young guys message gets read and his profile gets looked at afterwards 99% chance there would be no response by the females in their late teens oarly 20s' despite doing a good profile and sending a good thoughtout message to someone you have things in common with. I messaged all types of women. Average, below average, and good looking ones. Messaged tons of women. I hardly ever got a response. I decided to put a picture of a really good looking guy on my profile and all of a sudden 50% of my messages were getting responded to. I saw online many other guys doing the same experiment and having similar results.


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  • My answer may sound odd but before I hit the gym and worked hard at my physique, I found I went on more dates from girls online. I also found that having a "casual dating" oriented profile got me first messages from girls. I have gone on dates since hitting the gym but they ended up being girls who used misleading photos to hide their weight.

    I left my profile hanging for a while and honestly now, browsing again I messaged a few but they choke when I ask for their number and stop replying. One thing I notice is that I don't feel all that inclined to send messages out when I read mosta the profiles. Girls in my area and demanding guys have a fancy car and "man's" jobs. The biggest thing I notice is having had these profiles for literally years, I am seeing the same girls on them years later! It automatically makes me wonder if they're just that picky or if they have some crazy mental issue. I can't blame a guy being on years later but when you're a girl who gets 50+ messages a day... you can't still have a profile bitching and whining that there's supposedly no good men left.

    • That's strange, you would think you would get more messages once you hit the gym. Why do you think that happened?

    • I honestly don't know but it was surprising to me too. I think I just took a much more direct "give me your number" quickly approach after a while where some girls like aimlessly emailing forever sucking up guy's attention. I'm honestly convinced that most girls just have profiles for attention.

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  • I would agree. I had a dating profile up for a few weeks and I wouldn't even respond to guys unless I thought they were cute. That means an average ok looking guy who could use his personality and charm to get me to talk to him if we met in real life would probably be ignored if he hit me up online. That's just the way it is online. If all you have to go on is a profile picture and some text, then you're gonna be more judgmental and its easier to weed people out and pick what you want

    • When the average looking guy in person begins talking to you in person, do you think,''Oh geez this guy is talking to me,'' Or would you just be ok with having a convo with him without thinking something like that? I am talking about when he just begins talking, you don't know his personality, charm, etc. yet.

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    • Ok. I appreciate you admitted this. Hardly anyone responded to my article cause I guess they just can't admit the truth. I heard many women do the same thing at clubs and bars. That since they have other options they want to only talk or dance with the good looking guy. Where can I meet women lol?

    • just from looking at ur pic, ur not fundamentally ugly. I think if u had a more stylish haircut and dressed like the popular guys in ur area and age bracket ur appearance would improve. but until then I recommend becoming friends with a girl and letting ur personality shine through. like work, mutual friends, school, activities and extra curriculars

  • I do respond to guys EVEN WHEN THEY HAVE NO PICTURE.

    I focus first on how he talks etc. Then I see his pic. If I like him in general_not just looks_ I meet him.


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  • Agreed if you were born a male and don't have good looks your pretty much fucked Women and girls are hypocrites they say its what's on the inside that counts lol yeah OK. Women and girls are shallow they only care about looks, height and income.

    • So do we ;) we guys also care a lot about looks, it's just as hard for an ugly girl as it is for an ugly guy, so actually you are also bein shallow, unless you have dated the ugly fat girl who smells bad but has a great personality

    • @Vinzilla you couldn't be more wrong. I've even been turn down by the ugly, fat girls who smell bad. Even girls like that think there entitled to a male supermodel. I stop asking women. girls out years ago. Hell I've been turned down by girls who were below average looking.

  • Whatever level of attractive people in real life you think you'd have a decent chance with, online you have to shoot below that. You will have to shoot lower of the physical attraction scale than what you could do in real life.

    If you're an average looking guy and have a chance with the average looking woman, online you don't have a chance with them. They simply have FAR too many options and can pick from the cream of that crop. You're average so you have very little chance with them. You have to shoot lower, and even then you're going to miss a decent amount for whatever personal choices the woman makes.

    If you're a guy doing online dating, you're settling, plain and simple. I know women might not like this answer, but that's the honest truth. Guys who do online dating are settling while women are getting the best option they are probably going to get because guys on there are willing to date down. Guys that ended up online have already conveyed the unspoken message that they are having trouble finding a woman. That's like blood in the water. Because we live in a "men approach first" society, women are put in the same situation even when they end up online. They can simply go with "Well, the right guys haven't approached me" and they don't have to put themselves out there because even below average women will get at least SOME messages.

    • Agreed what pisses me off is young girls are taught from what they see on tv never to settle for the first guy that comes their way while young boys are told to man-up and take what comes your way and learn to deal with it. I see unattractive women with good looking guys, than I do the other way around.