Is it bad if a guy makes suggestive comments right off the bat?

So I met a guy today and he seemed really nice, actually struck me as a goody-goody. We talked for a bit then he gave me his number and we've been texting. We're gonna go to the movies tomorrow. But he asked me for a picture to use as a contact pic, so I gave him an oldish one.
He told me to take a new one but I said "nah I just got out of the shower" to which he replied "even better ;)"
Then he said he was bored laying in bed. I said "how fun" and he said "not really cause I don't have a cute girl with me. "
Aaand then he jokingly suggested I should spend the night so we can "have fun" with another winky face.
Should I think that he's just playful, or is he trying to sleep with me? I think it might be the latter because he met me today while visiting my town. He actually lives a couple hours away, and he's going away to the Marines in a month. He seems decent, but I'm not sure what to think.
Also, he met me at the lake. So I was in a bathing suit and I noticed him check me out.
I'm just worried he's only thinking about sex...


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  • Yes he wants in your pants, thats obvious. There was a guy once who struck me as a goody-goody but once i got to know him more (and i hung out in the guy group) i found out he is one of those guys thats like "so im thinking of cheating on my girlfriend", not good. Looks and manipulation techniques and certain personality traits can be deceiving, but dont fall into the trap. I real genuine guy will hold off the sexual and forward comments a bit longer and try to actually get to know you more first.


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  • He wants sex. Hell if I was going in the Marines in a month I'd be on that train too!! I'm not going to the marines and I am still on that train. If you want a relationship I'd suggest finding someone else. If you are cool with just hooking up, then give him a call. If not for him, do it for your country? Haha! But to be fair, all guys unless you're gay are going to check out girls in their bathing suits. That part is totally normal.

    • Thanks.

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    • You will be fine. You know what you want. It's better to make a guy work for it a little anyway. They'll respect you more for it. Plus you'll get to see if he's really interested in you. If he doesn't want to put in the time to get you, then you have your answer. But just a heads up, he might try something anyway, but that in itself is not a bad thing, It's how he reacts to when you shut him down that will be most telling. Like I said before, maybe he really likes you and that's just his way of flirting, so I think you're doing the right thing by giving him a chance. If/when he does try something, you just have to let him know you're not going to do that and if he backs off on it and still wants to hang out with you again, then you might have a winner!

    • Thanks :) I guess I'll find out soon enough.

  • Well he's a guy so of course he wants to get into your pants because that's just what guys do. Even gay guys want $ex all the time but if he's going into the Marines it could mean that he like you and that he's just being forward and trying to skip through the get to know you stages of the relationship but I dought it. I say go on the date and see what happens when you're together if he tries to make a move then you know where he
    stands and move on or have some fun which ever you choose. But if he acks like a normal guy on a first date and doesn't push the issue then maybe you should consider a second date

  • Guys don't talk to girls unless we want sex. So what's the big deal? Go get some! :)

    • There's a difference between wanting to get to know a girl and pursue a relationship vs just wanting to bone her

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    • You're so mean! Haha he's attractive, but not a big hulking marine like you'd think.

    • Well just do it. YOLO :)

  • Eh could be

  • He wants to get some without a doubt.


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  • That wouldn't be my thing. I wouldn't even entertain the movie date after that. It's intimidating and offensive when guys do that. But if you're not offended, go for it. I can speak only for myself.

    • I'm put off by it. Considering calling it off. I don't feel like having to explain why I don't want to have sex in his car after the movie or anything.

    • If you're put off, then call it off. I'd do the same.