Do you have anxiety and trust issues with dating?

I have been with many guys who tried to manipulate me into sex and only wanted sex, and played my heart-pretended to care, lied to me, etc. just to leave me because I wouldn't put out. One was also a HUGE liar, he would lie all the time and hide things like many other females and it always made me anxious and nauseous.

Now I am dating a new guy and so far he seems very trustworthy and respectful like he genuinely cares. So I am scared out of my mind that he's just another faker. I cry about it. If a few hours go by without hearing from him I start to freak out and think he's just leaving me.

It's like I am looking for something to be wrong because this is actually going well, and it's scaring me out of my mind that I'm just being fooled again.

I want to cling to him because I REALLY like him, and run away because I'm terrified of being used, at the same time.

Any advice? It makes me feel so fearful and wanting to cry.


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  • Wait, whats your name?


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  • just go with the flow, i went thro the some shit and i let the people around me lead me away from the shit. just forget and let ur life lead u


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  • I don't know, if i were you, i would probably end up having a heart to heart with him and telling him how you feel, tell him about what you're worried about and why, tell him that you really like him and you want it all to work out, but you just worry, and that you hope he understands if something happens. if he truly likes you, it won't make any difference to him and i'm sure he'll even try to console you, but if he has a problem with it, he probably wasn't all that good for you in the first place. but do whatever you are comfortable with! don't do something just because they want you to! no guy is worth going against your principles!