We had sex the first date and he asked me to be his gf the next day is this for real or am I being played like a soft violin?

I went to a friends house and this guy was there we connected instantly, he came over to me & told me to put his number in my phone, he text me the next day & we hung out at his place he brought up some old memories and said remembered me from a mutual friend years back we ended up having sex he whispered in my ear "I want to make you mine" and we spent the rest of the day together he was reassuring me he didn't just want sex from me. He asked me the next day to be his gf and we have been together every day since. He is so sweet to me and when he speaks he always says things referring to "our" future. It's only been 3 weeks but I have never had this happen, honestly men usually don't call or say that they don't want a relationship right now!


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  • Well, it sounds like it was love at first sight for both of you. You both had sex, and have been together every day.
    I don't think he is playing you. He has fallen for you, and you for him. He wants you.

    • I truly think so he told me I was his girl and where ever we go he says I'm with my girl. I think I'm just in disbelief bc I have never had this happen. Thanks for your comment!

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  • Knowing someone for 24 hours or so is not enough time to be talking so possessively, like "I want to make you mine". Likewise, when ANY man talks about "our future" within the first few weeks of getting to know you, BEWARE. Honestly, I think you're being played.

    • What is your reason for saying beware? Could you be more detailed?

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