Falling in love /getting attached?

I really like this guy named joey... He's absolutely perfect we flirt all the time and I've grown very attached to him like every single night for the past month we had a late night phone call but all of a sudden he just stopped talking to me I'm so sad I can only think about him I need advice I don't know should I carry on with him or just move on

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  • I said wait for Joey but it really depends. How long has he stopped talking to you? Has he blatantly ignored you? Have you tried talking to him? If you think he really doesn't care about you then move on, but there could be many reasons that he has stopped talking to you.

    • Yeah a week ago no more phone calls :( I waited nothing I called nothing texted him nothing... It was one or two texts and calls nothing obsessive but I miss him.

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  • call him and find out.


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  • I would just give him some space. Maybe he is overwhelmed right now. If he doesn't talk to you and it has been over 2 weeks I would start to try and move on then. It sucks, I know..

    • Yeah but he started this I just wish he ended it

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