Hi Girls. Tall dark haired single guy, has an up coming date with a new girl. Any advice?

Hi Girls.
Some advice from you please. I'm a tall dark haired single guy who has an upcoming date with a gorgeous girl. we're going to meet for a coffee. Any advice on the do's and don'ts of a first date, as I am a little apprehensive and just don't want to make a bad impression.
Advice would be appreciated.
P. S apprehension aside I'm a very romantic, sensitive and mysterious guy, who just wants to be there for my girl and give her love, hugs and attention, especially if she is having a bed day.


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  • Well do's are:
    Be yourself. Don't pretend.
    Always smile in a pleasant manner.
    Dress properly for your first date. Since you're going to meet over coffee don't wear suits. Wear a T-shirt and jeans and wear good shoes.
    Behave like a gentlemen.
    Maintain perfect eye contact.
    Listen to what she says attentively. Reply to her situations or questions she asking or talking about logically.
    One piece of good advice is keep your cell phone in silent because while on a date if the phone rings suddenly it's quite irritating.
    Dont's are:
    Don't be a creep.
    Don't laugh unnecessarily.
    Don't fumble or stammer.
    Don't act clumsy if front of her.

    So yeah these are the advices hope they help. Good luck with your date.

    • This is the best advice you'll get. Ps open the doors for her, every girl loves a gentleman!

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    • Take care Jahnnavi. Going to log out now. Marc

    • Yeah bye. Take care.

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  • no matter what be yourself!! thats all that really matters don't go too over the top trying to impress her or be a perfect gentle men. girls don't want to date a guy who they might marry thats not always themselves. but at the same time don't be rude or anything lol

    • Helpful advice. Appreciate it, Thanks.
      I couldn't be rude to a potential girlfriend, I'd love to care for, would scare them off lol

  • I don't know what the " tall dark haired" thing has to do with anything lol?


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