I think the guy I've been seeing went to a wedding with his ex?

I've been seeing this guy for about 3 months. When we started dating I learned he did have a gf of 5 years who he cheated on her with me. I was devastated, didn't speak to him for a while but I had feelings for him and ended up talking to him after I came across his ex social media page and discovered they really did break up.

Over the weekend he told me his ex was going to be at this wedding but they weren't going together. However, I knew he was going to be wearing a tux with an orange shirt. After browsing her social media page I saw a pic of her and she was also wearing an orange dress which leads me to believe they went together.

How do I addresses this situation?

The wedding did not call for that color


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  • My advice would be to not read to much into it. He might have not gone at all or he might have been scared to tell you. I know I had to go to a wedding with my ex after we broke up because a mutual friend was getting married and we were invited as a couple before we broke up. It wasn't an issuer we went together were there even talked normally and that's it. But I can imagine if I had a new girlfriend at the time she might have had a problem with it and it would have put me in an weird position weather to tell her or not. But definitely me and my ex were over and just friends. So what ever you do keep in mind that it might be nothing and try not to over react before having all the facts.

    Just try to tread lightly and good luck. :)


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  • Maybe the attire called for orange.