Question only for Muslim guys living in or outside the US: is it the norm now to sleep with a a Muslim girl before marriage?

Even when the girl is a serious and open minded at the same time.

But it's just shocking to me how many guys- including ones I tell them in the face I am a serious woman and aim at marriage- tell you that they are serious ones too and that they have good intentions, only to keep asking you to come over their house or they can come over to yours? Or even call you baby and want to touch you a lot even after first date?

How can I then get married? I don't look slutty or so. I am elegant and beautiful without showing much of my body.

This is an issue for me. Guys please advise.


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  • No joking please. Women are experiencing hell in Muslim countries. Go and see

    • First you can't generalize.

      I have lived in the US and in Muslim countries too. I haven't experienced hell.

      Second, you don't sound Muslim. So you can't answer my question.

      Thanks though.

    • Best of luck

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