I liked my friend's ex on Tinder, will any good come from this... Predictions... Thoughts?

I liked my friend's ex on Tinder. They split up quite recently but he had like 10 girls after her so I don't feel like I'm crossing a line here. That's also why they broke up: he's a cheater.

She liked me back and has been talking to me ever since. Oddly she seemed surprised by my advances, like she just liked me because she recognised me (do people do that?).
She asked questions about her ex and I answered them honestly (about him and his cheating ways). I asked her if she would be interested in dating me and she avoided an answer by saying that my friend, her ex, would kick both our asses. Which I personally doubt.

A) He really doesn't care about girls once he "had them".
B) He knows I barely date at all and would like me to do more so.

He is incredible insecure though so there is a chance that he gets upset.

I don't think she is using me to get back AT him or to get back WITH him, because of the way our talks go. She doesn't say much, just every now and then, but still, she keeps sending me small texts every now and then.

I don't want to be the bazillionth person on here to ask "does she like me" but it is the main question I'm asking myself.

O, by the way: when she was still with my friend, he would tell me she really liked me.
Whenever I couldn't go to an event the whole group would go to, he would say: "O, "Jenny" is really going to be bummed out because she likes you".


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  • "He is incredible insecure though so there is a chance that he gets upset."

    He will if he is insecure. Trust me. He will. Still you should pursue this girl.


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