How to turn down a date when you're not sure it's a date?

A guy who was in my friend group at school recently started texting me. Just 'hi how are you' ect. at first but the other week he got drunk and messages me saying how attractive he thinks I am. He apologised afterwards, not that he needed to, I didn't care, I mean who doesn't like a compliment? Anyway I hadn't thought anything of it until yesterday when he messages me asking to 'go to dinner or a movie it something'.
Now here's the deal: I have hung out with him outside of school before but never one on one. He's never really given me the vibe he's into me that way but I do have a terrible record st recognising these things. I definitely do not want to go on a date with him but I wouldn't mind just a friendly catch up. So how do I agree to go out with him, while making sure he doesn't see it as a date without sounding presumptuous?


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  • thing is anything that is just a guy/girl one on one is pretty much a date in my view even if its not seen or agreed to as a date. dating these days isn't as clearly definied as it used to be and formal dates less common now. but just hanging out or such more common to take place. so yeah you can try and be more clear with him that your not looking to date but it be hard to not consider one on one time with him as not being some sort of date if your both single


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  • You have to bite the bullet and be very clear about things. Say you'd love to as friends but if it was supposed to be a date (whatever your excuse is). You can qualify it at the end by saying you don't want to be presumptuous but didn't want to give him the wrong idea.

    He will be happy you were straight with him. & chances are he meant it as a date.

  • So, basically you're turning down an opp. to hang out with a friend you know... because you don't know if it's a date or not. Aren't guys and girls supposed to be able to be "just friends"?


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