I think my ex is trying to get back together with me (please read and help!)?

my ex and i didn't really date or break up. we "dated" in camp but didn't talk to each other until a few days ago, its almost been a year! i tried making a move but he would always reject it but then i just stopped.

i really like him, but i do not know what todo if we are a thing again because i really like him, but i don't want to risk getting hurt again


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  • Could be that he just wants to talk to you again. I wouldn't jump to conclude that he wants to get back with you just yet. Let him make the first move. Also think about all the times he rejected you. I would make him work some to get you back. Even then you can still decide to turn him down and find someone less likely to dump you like he did. Also if he isn't trying very hard to get back with you then he likely doesn't want to or doesn't see it as important.

    • thank you, ill have that in mind

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  • Dude you didn't give us any signs!!!
    What signs are there that he likes you?