How would you feel if you had to financially support somebody?

Would you breakup with someone who you have to constantly send money to? My friend just had to send her 35 dollars. I don't understand how can you be in the army and don't have at least 1.00 in your account. From the time he was telling me about her she seem like a little kid needing a guy around to motivate her. Is it wrong to financially support someone like this? He broke it off with her, he said this beginning to be constant


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  • Not that I understood the story at all... but let's try though:
    There are reasons to support somebody and there are reasons to not support.
    Reasons to support are (not exhaustive)
    - disabilities/ sickness/ age (too young or too old to take care on one's own)
    - when a woman takes care of the children
    - when somebody temorarily can't work for good reasons

    Reasons not to support
    - laziness!
    - inability to take care of one's own (but normally ends up in laziness again)

    • She just keeps asking him for money, what she does with that money I have no clue. she didn't have money to put gas in her car when she was here. I don't financially support lazyness

    • I'd start asking questions; ask her directly: What do you need the money for? How much do you make on your own? What do you work? Make her uncomfortable about it. Even if she's really in need, this can be a motivation to do something about it.

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