Did I do the right thing or am I overreacting?

I have been seeing this guy for a few months now but we are not exclusive or official. However he did tell me multiple times that he wasn't seeing anyone else and I haven't been either. Last night I went out and was in the area so after I went by his apartments to surprise him. As I was pulling up I looked up to the 4th floor where his apartment was and the front door opened and a girl came out. Mind you it's 1 AM. At first I left because I was upset then I came back. I went to see him and asked him and he stated again that he has only been seeing me and no one was with him. Then he started joking about it. I asked him to just be upfront if he's seeing other people because it's not like it's cheating but he kept changing the subject and kept trying to kiss me. I left and he kept texting me asking me to come back and saying he only wants me blah blah. I just really feel like I saw what I saw and I feel like he's lying but I didn't see him with the girl so idk.


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  • The moment he started joking about it was the moment you should've given him the shove-off. Anyone that ridicules your feelings when asked a sincere question is definitely not worth your time.

    • Like I meant he was being sarcastic like trying to make it seem like what I was saying was ridiculous but I felt he was just trying to deflect or change the subject.

    • He was trying to set up a straw-man defense, making you look like the one at fault. Common tactic of cheaters, trying to shift blame to the one they are dumping on. Move on, you do deserve better.

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