If a girl always touches you? Tells you she misses you, does she want you?

Yes or no, does she want you? She's my friennd, but does she want something deeper?


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  • Definitely sounds like she wants you

    • I hope so because I want her so much.

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    • Just ask her how she feels about you

    • I will do, because I don't want to lose a friend.

  • not enough details but yeah sounds like she wants more than friendship.

    • She has stated she likes me before, but had a boyfriend and she is linked with a friend one mine and recently said that she is not interested in him and it looks like she has to settle for me.

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    • Oh I like her loads, but we've been friends for so long and she is quite a flirtatious person, but yeah I really want to be her man.

    • then go for her! :)

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