Person asks you out. You do not respond directly (we dk why). Person then calmly asks you if you are rejecting them-What do you do/ say?

If someone asks you out and you avoid answering because you like them, so you dont want to say no, but you can't for w/e reason say yes

So they ask your reluctance to respond is a rejection..

What would you say?

How would you handle it?

Remember you like him/ her, and you're not seeing anyone.


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  • Well I'd say I like her too but I need time to become clear of my feelings.

  • Usually not saying anything is the person trying to nicely say no. So it is taken as a rejection. Just like saying "we need to talk" is the breakup phrase.

    • So, if you asled a woman out and she avoided your question, you would be greatful because she's being 'nice'?

      Imo, a nice way of saying no, is saying no nicely, so there's no confusion, and so the person does not feel demeaned. not saying anything is disrespectful to the person asking, of course easier on the person being asked.

      its cowardly, not 'nice'.

      i think not responding , more often happens when you do not mean 'no' but can not say yes, for w/e reason.

      in any case, its neither here nor there what it 'usually' means.

      im asking YOU, if you avoided saying yes or no, and the woman asked you if that was a rejection (she is asking so she can make an informed decision, saying noting is not 'nice') what you would do?

      keep in mind you are interested in her.

    • By that point I would say yes to the original question. Personally, I would go yes or no in the beginning. But some people do consider not hearing a brutal no and getting a silent one is better. I am not one of those people.

    • lol yeah me neither.

      I think the people who prefer a silent no, are the ones who dont want t say it. they rationalize not saying it, by deciding its what the other person wants. most people would rather get an answer if they ask a question. its pretty ridiculous to ask a question hoping you dont get an answer.

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