How much does compatibility matter?

Lets say you really like a girl... but when you talk to her, you can't help but feel that maybe this girl has some issues. You don't know exactly what they are but you have an idea of what it might be and you don't like it.

Now, I'm really disappointed when I find a girl that I'm really attracted to something seems wrong or has some kind of history (the kind that you don't like). Now she's a bit superficial or arrogant or angry because of past experiences.

If I you/I could get that girl you really liked. Could you deal with it?
Could you handle her? Can it be worth it?

I know people say compatibility matters but how much does it really matter?

I personally have really high standards for *myself*. But I don't really know if it really matters when it comes to other people.

Another thing... If you love your life. Does it really matter if the girl you like has personality flaws? If you can handle her without breaking a sweat?

What if you charm any women into a relationship with you? If you really liked a woman who wasn't as compatible for you as other women, but you really liked her would you? Does it matter? What if you could charm anyone into being your friend?
Would it matter how incompatible you both are if you are able to get what you want out of that person, even if you have different values?


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  • Comparability is everything. Dating is find out who someone is and how compatible you are. While dating one person you are finding out what you can and cannot deal with, how much you really want that person in your life. So you have to find balance... what things can you deal with and what things can't you? Try not to hold anyone's past against them. We all have a past. Unless its really negatively affecting their actions today you could encourage them to face that and maybe grow from it. If you're not up for that maybe you need to be honest with yourself and just move on before you get too involved. Because it would end anyway, you can only fake anything for so long.


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  • It is EXTREMELY important!!! Looks are one thing, but there has to be more than that.


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