Someone help. me out on this one?

So my ex and I have hung out before after the breakup and when I ask about us he wld say he doesn't want to talk about it... the day before I asked since we were both off if he wld like to hang out he said he wasn't sure because he had plans with his sister but he wld try.. that day he actually called me n said he still had some time so if I still wanted to do something.. as we were at the movies he grabbed my hand, and even hugged me the entire movie, he even kissed me.. in the early morning he texted me to wake up I texted him back and he texted me.. he missed me... before he wld never tell me that because he never wanted to talk about us.. he said we cld only be friends.. I know he was talkin to some girl n during that time when we wld hang out he wldwld say "she might get mad" but admited it wasn't his gf.. yest tho he never mentioned her.. today I texted him good morning hope you have a good day.. and he still hasn't texted back.. shld I be ok that he's showing progress or be upset that he can't even text me back yet a simple.. thank you hope you have a good day too... shld I text him again? Leave him alone for a but? What cld be going on.. by the way he broke up with me because he thought I went behind his back by talking to some guys that were on my phone


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  • Don't go after him... If you really want something with this guy, he should miss you, and you can't miss what you already have... So, don't call anymore, let he see that if he doesn't do something quick he will lose you for good. If he cares for you at all, he will text you back :)

    • I know its just so hard to do that because I miss him like crazy when im not around him. My worse fear is while im gone he's going to be spending more time with her since im not around and think I dnt care (bcuz when we've broken up before he's said that it seemed like I didn't care because I didn't even try) but this time things are different he's talking to some other girl

    • I know it's hard, believe me... I'm in almost the same situation as you, but I won't call or text, he has to know what it would be his life without me... and honey, he can spend the whole day with her, that will not make it easy for him to forget you! You can't forget a person with another so soon. While he is talking to her, I bet he still thinks of you! I give a week for him to realise that he still wanna be with you, if he didn't he would have gone out with you after the break...

    • Your right I shldnt be going after him because he's going to feel he can do whatever he wants.. my friends tells me the same thing that she doesn't think he wld easily forget about me.. it just hurts so much because yest he was so lovey dovey and today I haven't heard from him all day :( im so hurt and the fact he likes this girl who parties and has already stayed the night at his house within only knowing him for a short period of time.. how cld he be so cold.. not even think how that hurts me

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