Does he care about me? or am I wasting my time?

This guy I have been seeing for 2 months texts me almost everyday, makes great dates and spends a lot of time with me. But he doesn't want a relationship. Am I wasting my time, or is he just afraid of commitment?


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  • He might just be guarded. Maybe enough time hasn't elapsed for him to let his guard down with you yet. Give him a little more time. It sounds like he is very into you by texting you all the time and making good dates for you guys. It might just take him a while to open up to a relationship. Has he flat out told you he doesn't want a relationship with you specifically?

    • No he said he just isn't into relationships, he said he wants to keep things casual so no emotions are involved. When he said that I immediately thought he was really hurt by his last relationship so now he is super hesitant to be in one again.

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    • Ya that is what I am thinking. So I am leaving to visit a friend in another city for 10 days tomorrow, so I laid it on the line and told him I am not looking to get married, I just want to be with him and for him to think about things while I am away and he said "we will talk when you get back from your friends". Good or bad sign?

    • That's hard to say. It could be good or bad. I'd like to think it's good since he didn't straight up tell you before you left that there is no point in talking about it and it's not going to happen. Just whatever you do, don't give an ultimatum or box him into a corner. We don't respond well to that. You might have to just take it easy and not push too hard, Also, when you're gone wait for him to text you. If he doesn't after four or five days you could text him to say hi or you hope his week is going well, but then wait for him. It'll make him wonder why you're not texting him. Might make him think about what things would be like without you and prompt good to come of it. When us guys think we lost something, we have a tendency to panic and pursue.

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  • You sure are. I have learned this really means he's does not want one with YOU. Let him go u will waste time on him.

    • I agree, I think I am. I just don't understand why he puts in so much effort. Like if it was just sex, then ya I can see why he was sticking around. But we actually go on dates and spend hours together and sex isn't always on the table. I just understand.

    • Men live in the moment and can enjoy us without wanting long term or forever.

  • he might just be afraid of commitment but ask yourself does he really like me? because of he does then maybe he really is just afraid of commitment anyway wish you all the best =D

    • Thank you! I am going away for a little bit, he knows how I feel so hopefully when I get back we will know where he stands. I am hoping he will miss me and realize what his life would be without me in it.

    • welcome :)