What should I do about my crush?

I have had a crush on this guy since about mid April and he hasn't left my mind since. He was told I like him about a few weeks after I started liking him, but I think he took it as a joke. My best friend thinks he likes me due to me telling her my "flirting" experiences with him. She really, really thinks he likes me but I just can't see it and this is why. I am a normal person on the "social scale" in high school, I play volleyball, and other than that and my small group of friends, I have no social life and am very shy. My crush plays basketball, soccer, is popular, is a "class clown", and has a wide variety of friends. Now please tell me why he would even think of liking me?
What I want to know is if I should even bother with him next year? I am currently on summer vacation and he crosses my mind daily. There probably is the slim chance he likes me, but I don't know and I don't want to waste my time.
Should I just keep my crush a secret or have one of my friends help me (again I'm shy) tak to him?


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  • If he crosses your mind daily, I think you need to show him you're interested whether it's through your friends or whatever. If anything just to know for sure if he's interested in you. It's not that weird for a popular guy to like a quiet girl.


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  • Make it obvious you like him. Please, this will save so much time from a guys perspective...


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  • I think you should talk to him more, and see where things go. Don't nessesarily flirt , but just try to get to know him.

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