What can I do to get (decent) guys to like me?

I'm kind of a tomboy but I'm pretty smart, cute (I take care of myself wearing mascara and sometimes eyeliner and eyeshadow), and funny. I'm a theatre nut and love to swing dance but I love the outdoors and going on adventures too. I get along with guys pretty much to the point where I'm in the brozone but that's just who I am and I don't really know what to do because I'm freaking sick of being a bro. I love my boys but what can I do so decent guys like me while still being true to my personality and morals?


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  • By showing interest in boys you find attractive. You're good looking, just be confident, and send them signals.

    • I'm already confident, possibly too much sometimes. What kind of signals? What does that even mean.

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    • Co-sign Michael.

    • :D Thank you. Let's go to a car dealership, with that co sign :)

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  • Do you ask men out rather than the other way around more often? Do you play games and leave hints? (This will help my understanding)

    Also you said you were a bro? That's not a good zone to be in. If you're in that zone, you're done. It's worse than the friend zone. Keep out of it by playing games and not being clingy. Clingy=friend/brother

    • Not really but I suppose I do come on strong? And I'm definitely not clingy. I'm kind of awkward though. And honestly, I don't have a ton of girl friends but it's kind of by choice because I don't really have a ton in common with a lot of girls.

    • Maybe try to come on less strong. Play harder to get. Being awkward is cute IMO. I think that you should keep your mentality, but maybe dress up slightly more. Dress yourself to make yourself feel good. A nice outfit can help you feel more confident, and give off more confidence to the people you meet. Dress to make yourself think," I would date myself."

      I think you may be coming off more as a friend, and coming on a little less strong and dressing yourself up will help you a lot.

  • Maybe try making the first move on guys you like? You mention you are very confident, that can be threatening to some guys. As difficult as it may be, you should make attempts to become friends with more girls, rather than boys so you don't get brozoned.

  • Stop being friends with boys you like.

  • Let the guys you like know your interested we can't read minds ya know.

  • Break out of your tomboy image... many girls eventually do


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