Is it a date or are we just hanging out?

I wanted to go to a music festival and had mentioned it to my crush and asked if he would be interested. I didn't get a straight answer from him at first, and through the week he kept bringing it up about possibly going. He mostly wasn't sure because he works that day and there were only a few bands that he wanted to see. The day before the festival, he texted me and said that he forgot about some previous commitments and that we should make it up on another show. I wasn't expecting him to feel the need to make it up to me since he never agreed to go with me. I mentioned that I don't really know who's in town half the time and only really keep track of the symphony hall. Later, I got a few texts over the course of an hour (because I left my phone in a different room) about how he didn't know that there were such cool events there and to let him know if I want to go. He said that he may be able to make the showing the next day since it was later. He got out of work late and suggested that we should plan these things more ahead of time. I replied saying that the spontaneity makes it fun and he agreed saying that he hasn't been able to be spontaneous in a long time. He decided he couldn't make it and offered another day, giving me some options. I told him any of the events would be good, and decided on the original one that he suggested.

We flirt sometimes at work, and I thought that he liked me, but he is just so difficult to read. I would consider this a date, but do you think that he set this up as a date or are we just hanging out as friends? Since he wanted to make it up to me, I feel like this is more of a date. I wouldn't be so determined to make it up to someone if I didn't like them, maybe that's just me? I don't want to ask, I would rather just go with it. I'm pretty sure that I am just over analyzing everything! Please, someone set me straight and tell me what you think!

If it makes any difference, we only decided on the day we are going which is two weeks away. We haven't discussed how we are getting there. I am comfortable driving in the city. If he considers this a date, will he allow me drive?


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  • Up to both of you to compare your personal definitions of 'dating'. There's only universal truth in science. Human interactions are an art, not a science.


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