Long distant relationship trouble?

We've been dating a while and she's on a long month vacation and it's now a long distance relationship and feels cheap and cheesie, do any of you have any ideas on how to help while we talk and all, like things to say or topics that are brought up that would make it more interesting?


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  • Going away for a month doesn't constitute a long distance relationship. My advice would be to let her do her thing, check in a couple of times a day, then you'll have a lot to talk about when she gets home. Good luck


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  • As someone that is in a long distance relationship, I would say this is the hardest way to keep a relationship going. However, it has been 6+ months being long distance. This will truly test your communication and feelings between the two of you.

    For me, I always try to talk to my girlfriend about my day, what is new, and about anything she wants to. Sometimes it is nothing major like picking on each other. Otherwise it is normally fairly heavy topics like world issues, such as the crisis in the Ukraine, or we talk about where we are going to live, kids etc.

    I find that talking about dorky stuff you have done when you are younger that you can both laugh it often leads to other topics which turn into a great conversation. Funny internet memes or videos on YouTube really help too. Like you find one send it to her and laugh about it together. That's just a few things that I can think of.

    • Thank you for te ideas

    • You are welcome. Best of luck to you. If you two can make it through long distance you two should be able to make it through anything.