Asking out cashier girl? Please help me out!

How do you ask out a cashier girl without creeping her out?


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  • i'm a "cashier girl" so the first question that comes to mind is: what is the age difference between you? and the second is: how often do you visit the store?

    age difference- basically, if you are more than 2 or 3 years older than her it's probably going to freak her out.

    visiting- if you are a regular, she'll be more familiar with you, so the chances of being creepy or lower.

    i suggest finding her if she is ever away from the checkstand so you don't have to worry about customers coming up behind you and rushing things.

    • I am 19 and she is 25... Ehhh

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    • then you should be fine haha.

    • Lol thanks for the help!

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  • you should be able to tell if she's attracted to u. if she is u won't have to worry about creeping her out

  • Do you work with her? Or are you a customer?

    • I am a customer, I came with my mom lol

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    • What I mean by casual but not casual, is that you have to make her feel relaxed, but still make her recognize that there is definitely interest. Too casual can land you in the friend zone, too un-casual can land you in the creeper zone. Remember, subtlety is key. Make her think there's something there, don't tell her. Not yet.

    • Thanks!

  • I'm a cashier
    If you are a regular it makes things less awkward and I think as a regular you would be familiar with her by now
    Don't whisper that will make you come across as creepy
    Don't come up to her and pretend you want something when you don't that makes you look desperate
    Try to have friends come with you I don't mean have them there while you are asking her out but a guy who has friends with him in my opinion come across as open socially to everyone and not just women

    • Thanks!!

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    • Like creepily smile lol

    • I mean a genuine smile as if you saw something funny

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  • be completely and 100% honest with her... tell her exactly whats on your mind, where you want to take her, and what you think of her (a compliment)... ex: hey sally, I think you're the most wonderful & beautiful cashier I know and I'd really like to take you out sometime... may I please have your number?"...

    it doesn't matter if you are shaking when you say this but if you look her in the eyes and are honest about your intentions then she will be more than excited and happy to go out with you...

  • If you're a regular in the store, it should take out the creepy part. Start commenting on how she looks, what's the weather, and how's her day... normal conversation. Ease into it and ask her out for lunch or a small bite to eat.

  • There are 3 types:

    like you but shy
    - hit on her
    like you and not shy
    - let her hit on you
    don't like you.
    - go home

    • Recently some cashiers did this:
      - walk away and kinda lean and stretch so I could check her out. Came back and chatted me up.
      - offered me free bags and when I left, walked over to another cashier so I could check her out.
      - eye contact then crossed over in front me to talk to my cashier and leaned over the belt to show me her lower back and ass.