Should I try with my first high school crush I'm 25?

I haven't seen her in probably a good 7-8 years, we dated briefly when I was 15. Nothing much happened, I think she is the most beautiful girl in the world and I would only take a bullet for her and my family...

I have been in relationships and every couple of days I think of her and what could have been if I wasn't so stupid and hasty...

Dumping her for stupid reason... I have contacted her in the past but never asked her to hang out?

Should I try one more time or just let it go?

This will haunt me for the rest of my life...


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  • If you are going to live with having as this as a regret then I strongly suggest you contact her. I think you it shows that this is something you have to do or you are probably going to continue to regret it. If she says yes you will be really happy. But if she says no, you will finally have closure and be able to move on. However, make sure you would be able to take a no if you decide to contact her.

    • Thanks yeah, I can handle rejection... But I want it to be an honest 100% no not a no you freak... I want a chance I guess much appreciated for the comment

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    And I wanna tell u something,
    Life is too short to be wasted

    • Thanks!!! True that, life is too short and time flies!

      What should I say and how should I start... I want a way to ask for a face to face... We aren't fb friends as I deleted her... Last conservation was probably late last year or early this year...

  • If she shows interest, ask her out


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  • Try it again. You'll probably just move on after. I bet she's fat.

    • She can never get fat... Always will have a skinny build... That being said it's not her body I was ever attracted too... It was her face and personality ( if I can remember that), it's like no other girl compares in attractiveness to me

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    • What would you say? How would you open a conversation? I don't want to look like a jerk or weird...

    • I did something similar before. Added her on FB. Chatted her up. She was fat and old. Wanted to leave her fiance for me. I ejected.