Dating one of my brothers friends?

Ok, so I have had a crush on one of my brothers friends for the longest time. I'm very attracted to him and I feel like he is interested in me too. I am just not sure how it is going to be when my brothers finds out I like him like that. I have only talked to my crush a few times in school like small talk, he could remember me if he was to see me again, I know he catches me staring at him, he's got to feel like I like him.
I don't think they are that close but there occasionally friends. I also do not know what to say to him I want to start chatting to him on Facebook because I barley see him around, so what just a say, a conversation starter anyone? (:

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  • thats messed up

    • okay, well no need for rudeness, and it not near being messed up, but thank you for your opinion.

    • yeah it is messed up. not only does this have the potential to cause conflict between you and you brother but more importantly your brother and his good friend. you'd be destroying a friendship. how would your brother look at his boy knowing that his boy smashes his sisters pussy? think about that

    • you didn't listen, its not his good friend, and it won't destroy there friendship unless they wernt good friends in the first place, and what your saying is very disrespectful, just because im dating a man doesn't mean we have sex, and my brother doesn't think ignorant like you do, you need to learn some manners before you talk to somebody like this, especially online that's bullying, you need to carry on with your business some else were because I do not approve of your attitude towards me.

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  • You're putting your brother in a weird position. I think you should date him, but know that if anything between you and him go wrong, it'll be amplified due to the common link: you brother. Risky business.

  • I know someone who did this and their friendship became totally different.. The friendship was just like rare after that... Dont do it


What Girls Said 1

  • You could tell your brother your intrested in his friend , and you should date who you want to yeah your brother might not like it. Just ask your brothers friend out.