Was there any person you have seen that really stands out more than anyone else?

It could be anyone, like someone just walking down the street. Just curious.


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  • I once saw a very attractive Asian male with perfect bone structure, height, and black hair / blue eyes.

    He said he was half Korean with half Farsi.

    Everyone was staring at him, when he walked down the street.

    • Interesting, I've never seen someone with that combination

    • it was like seeing an angelic elf person.

      it was amazing. i wish i had taken a picture.

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  • About once or twice a year a woman just takes my breath away. Saw one the other day who made me do a double take. I think I made her day.

    • Lol did she notice?

    • Yeah, she was with some guy. I caught a glance of her out of the corner of my eye, my head immediately snapped back in her direction. A little while latter I caught her looking at me with a smug little smile and a twinkle in her eye.

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