I want to tell her that I love her, but I cannot?

I am 17, and yes I know I don't need to worry about dating in high school, but I'll explain that. There is a girl who I met second semester choir. We talked since February and have many similar interests. She likes me and my mother and sister say she is flirting with me. The actions that leads to that assumption happened in class. She would occasionally look away for a second or two, then look back at me during conversations. Sometimes if I laid down, she would lightly tap my head and shoulders with her foot. Stuff that I did included helping her out when I felt it was necessary, offering to switch seats when someone else was sitting next to her which I felt that she wasn't a fan of. And, on the last day of school (May), she wore a beautiful outfit that is still in my head. She looked so pretty, so a couple of weeks later I texted her that I thought she looked really beautiful that day. She also texted me satin that we should hang out sometime. But, the issue is that she has a boyfriend already. He is a nice dude, and I don't want to interfere with her relationship, yet I want to. The worst part is that he has the advantage because he can play the guitar (which he is really talented with) and I just sing (baritone). I am also still a little afraid of girls. I am not using any hyperbole or anything unfortunately. I have been bullied from 5th grade to freshman year. Another issue which I think affects what she thinks of me is that I don't have my drivers license. At my school, if you don't have a license, finding a girl will be extremely difficult. If necessary, she is two years younger than I am. So basically, I want to tell her that I love her so bad, but I know she has a boyfriend an that it might freak her out a bit. Because I can't ask her out, it kills me a lot in the heart as I never had a girl before. She is the first girl in my life that doesn't label me and does anything that would be rude to me. Advice would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Replace love, with great affection... & I understand your feelings. I started college at 17, took psychology of sexuality to understand the difference. If you truly love her, don't get to close but be forward that you find her attractive. Saying love at that age is terrifying to young women, but the ones who wish to hear it have emotional issues & need to continue to mature. Befriend her but do not hide that you don't want to be friendzoned, & that you're not interested in being friends forever but would wait as friends to see if you two have chemistry.

    Do not come off as desperate, but don't play games, & look into other women at the same time noticing what makes them interesting or attractive. Even if she at first isn't interested, she'll see you interested in other girls as well, know she's losing out on a sweet dude & will potentially reevaluate her feelings.


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