Is love never really as intense as it was with your first love in your teens?

Iv just heard a lot of stuff like 'the first cut is the deepest' or 'you never love as hard as the first time' ' your first love stays with you forever' I guess it makes sense they're the ones who shower you what it is to love and there the people who open up a new dimension to your existence but what do you guys think about it?


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  • When we're older, we're more wary of making mistakes. We have other commitments in life, and have less free time to fantasise, dream, worry, get jealous, etc.

    When we're older, we know how dangerous it is to become blinded by things, we don't allow ourselves to get obsessed by love. Our social circles tend to overlap less (no more school), there are more differences between us (different career sector, different education level, different income level, even different town sometimes!).

    So yes. Our first love are usually always more intense. Young, naive, vulnerable, hormonal.


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  • While I think it's true that the first cut is the deepest, I don't think a teenage relationship counts. I had a girlfriend in high school that I can say I loved, but it was my first real college girlfriend that hurt the most when we broke up. You love on another level and we were together for four years. I actually thought I was going to marry her, so when we ended it hurt me for like 2-3 years. I have since gotten married and divorced and honestly, my divorce didn't hurt as much as the break up with my college sweetheart.


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  • Yes and no.
    You're more reckless when you're younger, but you also don't know how to love properly.
    You make mistakes: you lust instead of love, don't know how to communicate, and please instead of give.
    You learn something from every relationship you have. Your must fulfilling relationship won't be the first one, because you haven't learned how to treat each other yet.

    • Not to mention, you don't really know who you are until you're older.
      So how is someone supposed to love you if you're not sure who it is they're loving yet?

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