What's going on here please help!!!

A guy I was seeing and whom I told I loved him is behaving in bizarre ways. He dumped me saying he wanted fun and easy. although he told me I was never an option and that I was the only one, I discovered he was sleeping with a woman in nevada, 5 hours from home.
I've discovered he disappears each weekend. Who knows where.
He also told me his ex wife is pregnant with another men and that he has full custody if his son.
Turned out he now changed his profile on online dating to nevada!! What's going on here? Hi owns a home here in California and his son goes to school here! And his wife doesn't seem to be pregnant on facebook.
What the hell is going on here? I'm scared I don't even know who this creepy guy is.
Should I confront him about his lies?


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  • Shouldn't you just forget about him? He's obviously a liar and you're not his only option.

  • Didn't you say that he dumped you? And I think it's obvious that he fell in love with the woman in Nevada.


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