Latinas what are your thoughts on white guys?

I really want to hear some opinions from Latinas please no negativity

  • White guys are winning
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  • I like white guys
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  • it depends on the guy
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  • I like all races
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  • I don't like white guys
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I like them most of the guys I've actually really genuinely and really likedwere white.. im a sucker for dirty blond and light brown hair.. and golden colored skin.. dont know why. but I've liked all races to me this doesn't matter if there is a connection.. just out of curiosity do u like latinas or were u just wondering?

    • I like Latinas

    • I've heard several guys say this about what is it about us that you guys like?

    • Honestly I don't know I don't want to stereotype but I find Latinas the most attractive

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  • That depends, if you are a good guy, of course ! :)
    I really like white guys, specially blue eyed guys :3 Even if i'm mixed race and my skin is white, it's not so pale (because i'm a little bit bronzed) compared with that beautiful white caucasian skin. :) ♥

  • I LOVE WHITE MEN! A am a sucker when it comes to white guys.


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