She accepted to go dinner with me this week but?

I texted her yesterday and asked if she had a good church service since she told me she is gonna go to church but she didn't answer, i decided not to text her again until she texts me but she didn't but i could see she was online on whatsapp coz we always chat every night.. But when i checked her Twitter she was posting things like "Say something I'm giving up on you." and later "I'm angry but I still love you"... do you think this was directed at me?


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  • Um ok first, have you guys even gotten to the "I love you" part? I ask because you guys sound new for her to be directing such a post about you. Also my guess would be that she's talking about an ex, those post are all familiar to me when I was dealing with the break up of mine. Sorry my friend let her be, girls dont ignore giys theyre interested in i promise!

    • thanks a lot hey, we haven't reached the i love you part yet, we actually new to each other, you are right.

    • No problem! Move on and let her deal with whoever she's still stuck on

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  • ask her about it. just text her or whatever and be like hey i saw your tweets is everything ok. unfortunately girls are really complicated. her tweets could just be lyrics stuck in her head, that have a deeper meaning at the moment or venting on twitter. just straight up ask her-best way to handle a situation esp if you want a relationship with her

    • You are right but at the same time, i dont wanna look more desperate about her but i really love her and would like to build a true relationship, this whole thing is just messing my head up like why dont she just come clean and say her mind on me straight away.

    • worst thing that can happen is she doesn't reply. but then you know to give up or move on. i would say it would look desperate i would say it looks concerning like a true friend with is a quality girls look for in guys.

    • and about the not replying earlier, she may have just been in a bad mood and didn't want to talk to anyone. when I'm really upset i don't reply to anyone for awhile until they text me again a day or two later. i didn't even reply to my boyfriend that time.

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  • I'm afraid to say that she might be talking about another guy if she's ignoring you. The guy must have done something to piss her off so you're her back-up plan in case it doesn't work with him. If I were you I'd wait for her to get back to you, and instead of worrying about her go talk to other women.

    • Thanks man, you might be right, i will keep a closer look on this one.