Do you think he'll try to forget about me while I'm gone for the summer?

In one of my classes this past semester, a mutual friend introduced me to this great guy. He didn't talk to me much until around mid March, but since then, I felt like he definitely seemed interested. He was a moderately friendly guy to everyone in that class, but only for me would call out my name from across the classroom and wave just to get my attention, sit next to me before class to talk, and go out of his way in general just to make sure that I noticed him.

The thing was, I just wasn't interested in him romantically until near the end of April. When I realized I was starting to have feelings for him as well, there were only a couple of weeks before the semester ended and I would go back home for the summer. I'm shy when it comes to guys that I like and am especially quiet with him (he even called me out on it once) so I know he probably has no reason as of yet to believe that I reciprocate his interest.

So now I'm just asking you guys to look at the situation from his perspective: an outgoing guy (but definitely NOT a player) crushing on a shy girl who has always been kind but hasn't yet shown any signs of mutual interest is now away for three months. Would he try to move on from her or could he possibly hold out hope for when she returns? And if he has tried to move on but she started giving him signs when she came back, would he probably develop feelings for her again? I know this is highly subjective but I would really appreciate your thoughts.


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  • It could be possible that he'll meet someone else over the three months but does that mean he'll forget about you? Not necessarily, but I do think you should start giving him signs that you are interested in him as it's in your benefit to do so.

    I've been in this situation before with a shy girl who I thought hated me because she would never speak to me in the same way she spoke to everyone else. I liked her and I never felt a mutual feeling and eventually I moved on.

    I found out a few years later that she liked me, but was so intimidated by me that she couldn't bring herself to tell me or show me how she felt. It was a crying shame as she was a fantastic person from an outsider's perspective, it's just a shame I couldn't get to know her better.

    So if you want something in this life don't be afraid to seize it with both hands.

    • The girl in your story sounds exactly like me--I get so nervous around him that I come off in a way I don't intend to. But I have been working more on my confidence lately and will do my best to overcome it when I see him again. Thanks for your help!

    • You're shy and there isn't much you can do about it except for trying to overcome it enough to be able to show this guy how you feel. Hopefully he'll come to realise that the feelings are mutual and then takes charge of the situation.

      If you need anymore advice or an outsider's perspective, please do not hestitate to ask.

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