How do you tease your boyfriend really good?

ok i know this is bad , but my boyfriend teases me a lot , don't worry not dirty ish more then less just talks dirty and ect. he told me i can't never tease him because , its *impossible* !! but i really want to so dose any one have great ideas


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  • Instead of talking dirty act dirty haha.
    Not saying you should have sex with him infact thats what you shouldn't do. But give him a good impression of what it would be like while keeping your clothes on. Show him bit by bit. Whisper in his ear , be all over his body , feel free to make some moves or moan a little if you feel comfortable with that. Then finally get super close to his lips but instead of a kiss you go to his ear and say softly 'I told you i could do it' then just walk away and leave him be for a couple of mins :).

    • YES THANK YOU !!

    • If he gets completely invested in the act and is ready to kiss you, touch you all over or even undress you it clearly worked. Ofcourse the power of a good tease is to ignore his wishes and making sure he is not doing anything you dont want. Less is more.

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  • You can tease him by acting like a slut, wearing sexy clothes in your bedroom, making loud noise or dirty talking when making love.

  • Just keep your head in his lap play with his zipper but never actually do anything. It'll drive him made. My lady friend does it all the time


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  • You have to learn how to become a seductress