What to do when crushing, but in a church community?

Her Parents are into god, and as am i. The only difference is that she goes to christian school and i go to public.

But the main thing why i don't ask her out is because i don't know if she has a boyfriend or not, or if i ask she says no.
Its just going to be super awkward (for me at least) at the church for me if she declines my offer or she already has a boyfriend.

I'm a really nice guy, I would say i am good looking, i make her laugh if we ever get the chance to talk, and i caught her staring at me one time but with a kirsten stewart face.

I would say the only thing that makes me nervous to ask her out is the height difference, and the fact that i hate the sound of my voice (I'm 5'2 and my mouth comes up to her chin).

So in conclusion much help would be a lot helpful, thank you
P. S. I don't have her phone number, and the only time i get to see her is in church.


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  • Look around you in that super Xtian community: how do you think these people got married? How do you think they got kids? How do you think your and her parents got married?

    OK, you were both delivered by stork parcel post. Thus I won't ask about that.

    • what are you talking about

    • I just say that in xtian communities too people crush and date and eventually marry... and may get turned down too (OR NOT!)... of course. Xtians are humans.
      Build some self confidence.
      OK I should have been more clear.