What do you mean all is well from a guy's perspective? girls can answer too.

im currently committed relationship right now...

anyway, i post something on Facebook saying "i dont wanna check my newsfeed anymore because it will only make me jealous"

then minutes after my ex friends with benefits liked it
whats the deal? is he wishing that i would get jealous and fight with my bf? or he wants me to notice him?

i stopped talking to him for almost two months now, after i told him i already had a bf

few days after...

i change my number, i group text everyone in my contacts, that includes my ex fwb, saying it was me and save my number

then he replied, a few messages after he said, hope all is well
i just told him, yeah you too

- what does it mean? does he think im not okay? or he wishes everything to be fine or the oppositeopposite? or simply just saying. ok bye stop this conversation.


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  • I think his like on your FB post was just sort of like saying hi. I could be wrong about that but it's not important and you can just forget it now. His "hope all is well" text is also innocuous. He noticed you were concerned about getting jealous, stopped talking to him, and then changed your phone number, and he doesn't know why. Since he's an ex-friend you don't owe him an explanation, but I think he's just being nice in an appropriately distant, ex-friend kind of way.


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  • You have some kind of connection. He is probably only curious if you are happy and wishes the best for you.

  • he is your ex friends with benefits, why the hell do you care, jesus.. move on and be happy.. man, this is why i don't do that crap.


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