Can some tell me what are the most things classy girls look for... from a average guy?

Do girls/ladies like shy guys? for most of my life I've been surrounded around guys when I feel I like a women I freeze up! I'm get real nervous when I like someone or even making the first move I tend not to. To save the rejection so is so hard. besides I get confused over body language I just wish people would just be straight up if they like a guy they should not beat around the bush !!!


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  • Well for one we women can sense nervousness right away and if you guys are meeting for the first time, its not a good look at all secondly just be smooth offer a drink to a lady that you like when you see her! Also dress casual but dressy at the same time be romantic!

    • its easier said then done it also has to depends on the situation. thanks for your advice much appreciated. being a women and I know you don't speak on behalf of. I get real nervous when she's very attractive I only go for those who are but that's me I know I'm setting my sites to high that's what I'm attracted too

    • Well if thats thr only thing you're attracted to then figure out what they like observe them see what catches their interest

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  • well, that totally depends on what 'type'of guy she likes. There are some who like better the shy ones, others who prefer the cold ones, or the confident ones, etc.

    • confidence is great when I'm more relaxed around that person its just getting there haha that's the hard bit it would be easier if there were no pressure lol on ones self

  • A little nervousness is cute. Then I know he cares about making a good impression. But nervous train wrecks can keep the conversation from going haha..

    I'm shy so I personally like shy guys. I feel like I relate to them better.

    • thanks for that! I feel that I'm more nervous the more I like them how does one deal with this? words fail me I hate that lol

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