I was asking this question on another website from before, I was wondering, "Do girls care about money"?

You see, I heard my younger brothers tell me in the past that most girls don't care about money, cars, apartment, none of that. Then, I was something on TV, where a man was telling his nephew the reason, he lost this girl was because, kept talking about how much money he had, then I ask this question for myself, because I haven't dated in a while, it's been 14 years, I'm busy writing a book and trying to figure out, where I fit in, at socially with family and friends. Everyone misunderstands everything I say, I was on one website, they took me, asking this question as trying, to "control everyone," I wasn't. I'm just not out there in the world like I should and I don't know everything about dating scene or things in general.

  • Most Women don't care about money, just pick up the check?
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  • It doesn't matter, so long as you are good person inside out, take care of your family?
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  • Yeah, like they want to stay home and have crying retarded babies, do us all a favor, quit your meddling, live and let live and go, back to whatever it is, that you do and read your books!
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  • This is the 21st Century, women are independent and can take care of themselves, paying for her dinner on date, paying your way sometimes wouldn't hurt, they will be with you, over finances, just don't be a bum, though.
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Depends on the woman.

    Some want passion. Others want a stable family life. Others want riches and being treated like a princess. Others want a deep emotional connection.

    Most people have some combination of traits that makes them interested. Others give up on whst they really want in exchange for something else, especially jaded people.

    • Thank you for your most informed answer, I learned my lesson, go to different sources to ask this, I was asking to educate myself.

    • Don't let the angry, mean people get you down.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I think it just depends on the woman. Money is nice and everything - but it's not on my top priority of must haves. I honestly don't mind paying for my own dinner. I actually do it all the time - granted, I do have a job as well. That's understandable, to me at least. If the guy has the money and offers, yeah sure - I won't mind. But I also don't mind picking up the check myself on occasion.

    • You're right, it's interesting I've never heard anyone in a while say that it's not their top priority of must haves, I've been hiding under a rock, try 20th century. Please don't take offense to what I said in mid-sentence. I know, I've been busy writing, got to get time to date.

  • Money isn't everything, but we need to get the feel that you can support us. I don't care if a guy is rich, but I have been on dates where I have had to pay because the guy couldn't afford it or when we get there the guy says "could you possibly get your own? I only have enough for me" or loudly state that they have to transfer money from their savings just to pay for dinner and then they call the bank right there at the table to do so. Things like that are major turn off. If my guy isn't rich I don't care, I just don't want him to be such a poor executive of his money that I have to pay for dates.

    • True, I've always wanted to be up on top of my goals. I will spend not much of what I have, the rest give, back to the community and then, save enough over to help pitch in, if you see me at the table, going out with you, at the end I will always do my part.

What Guys Said 3

  • Once they are out of school, they care, at least in terms of relationships. In the hook up world, its a much smaller factor.

    Most have a sense of what is an 'okay' amount for men to make, below that is an issue above that is a perk, but maybe a small perk (for some girls a big one, they're a minority i'd guess).

    Some women don't care, at least for a while. If they get serious, they tend to start caring.

    • Oh, Okay I understand. I mean, if and when I go out on date with woman (I won't say, girl, because I'm a grown man, not a teenager), it would be fitting for me to help out a little bit. They're a minority, so it will mean that they are not really caring that much, but do to some degree. Just not the way I'm panicking over, Thanks.

  • Dude you and me are the same. the same things you are trying to make sense of are the same things im trying. i never dated and call it a relationship before, i never understand women i guess and i have no clue on what i can do about it simply because im a misfit and i have my own way of thinking. The only good thing is that im a geek so i have fun with it.

    • Okay, but... I should never do comparisons between myself and others, when come time, that there is a real argument, someone would say, "I'm not you." and "Everyone's not you." I won't compare, it's crappy. Anyway, lol. I understand what you are saying, I was in a relationship for a while; with this girl in school last year, she sat with me, after classes sometimes and was cool, but it never went too far. I may not be a geek, but I would consider myself the worse form, a dork. Not a nerd, but a dork. I will try to have fun with, too. Just haven't really found out, how, Yet.

  • Yes they really do, it's all about security.

    • Oh, Okay. Security. Well, I mean... If you go out on a date, it's common courtesy, to at least pay your way, but if you can't help, but be low on funds or didn't get paid from your job, or something. It's understandable, after a dozen times, the excuses run out, right? Plus, it's nice to do your part.

    • Well I can't really tell if you're being sarcastic. But yeah something like that
      Most women nowadays don't mind paying for dates, not all of the time of course and probably not the first few dates. It really comes down to security though.

      Its a biological instinct they can't control, guys have these instincts to but for other things.

      Anyways a women needs to feel secure somehow, either it be a man that is tall and well defined, has a house/job/car, has money, or something else.

      You can observe this on this very sight. A large portion of the questions girls ask are about insecurity. That's where men's role comes in. The whole purpose is to find a mate that can protect their cubs so yo speak. Often is why you may see a beautiful woman with an average guy