Are there any tricks to find out if he likes you?

are there any tricks you can try to find out if a guy likes you? besides asking him :p


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  • if he's shy he'll keep staring at you but he'll look away and try to not let you notice, but other than that you have to approach the guy, eventually, thats really the only way, especially if you like him, and some guys will try to be where you are and others won't it just depends on the guy its 50/50
    basically if he creeps you out than he's a guy that likes you haha


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  • Hm pretty hard question u asked... see wen a guy see a girl they always think about two things

    1. love

    2. sex

    for any one of the matter above he will try to know more about u by askng u r smeone else, but that doesn't mean he loves u. in india so many gals are cheated just by sayng i lve n then by having sex with her n then the boy makes breakup with that girl n searches another gal to have sex AGAIN. the only way to have sex is to begin with love so just be care ful... if u r ready 2 give pussy then go head but if u want a life partner then try to maintain sme distance and observe his attitude n know clearly about him

    • okay thanks for the warning

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  • If he is always around you

    If he wants to know everything about you and ask a lot questions and just seems interested in you




    Perhaps making some sexual comments

    Touching you

  • In person or txt?
    I only have text at the moment so I want to know too