10 years younger bf... Is this relationship real for him?

My bf and I started dating about 4 months ago and we talk every single day for at least one hour. We see each other every weekend and I am taking big part of his time. Even he is 10 years younger than me we get along great and things seem great... But he still says he doesn't know where this relationship is heading.

He buys me flowers and dinner every time... He makes effort to come to see me just for 2 hours during his busy schedule... he just bought me expensive watch for my birthday...

He shows all the good signs but he never say anything positive about our future.

I know he is the type who doesn't say I love you until he is really sure about it... but I still wonder why he is not saying anything positive about our future. He keeps giving me the impression that he doesn't want to make me expect more than what we are today.

Can this relationship real?
Or is he just having a good time with me?


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  • conversation should resolve any issue or concerns u are having

    • I would like to avoid talking about this directly at this point...

    • Well he seems to be genuine in his actions and as a guy i couldnt see my self or amy guy for that matter doin all those things for someone i was just planning on dropping the minute im bored with her, so i would say yea its real but make sure to keep an open mind as to what some one his age would want and what u expect

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