Short, brittle, and ready to mingle!!

Okay so i'm 17 years old, i am 5'2, and look like i can pass up for a 12-14 year old. Also my voice isn't the deep of the deepest ( If i dress up real good i look older).
I'm really having a struggle with my confidence in asking random girls near my social gatherings for their numbers in all.
My height and face don't lie when i look like a little kid.
I have confidence in going up to a girl and asking them stuff, its just i don't like the way how young i look and sound.
Is there any advice i can have?
P. S. I have a stocky body and big arms


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  • Well im guessing you can't do much in appearing older by looks if your height and voice are like that but if you appear mature it will add a few years


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