Help about my guy friend boys!

So my guy friend and I go way back, about 6yrs, he was my first bf and first kiss but he was a dick 6yrs ago so I broke it off. Last year I just got out of a relationship and we started hanging out as friends and ended up having sex, then he got distant so I just left him alone and moved on, just talking to him periodically as friends, I recently moved away about half a year ago and I'm currently dating someone, my sister passed away so I went home and hung out with my guy friend and he kept on saying how much gun he's having, introduced me to more of his family, we never have a bad time together, and he kept on saying how much he was over being single, but I just told him he'd find someone and ignored it when he would bring it up again, on my way to my plane he text me reiterating how much fun he had how his puppy misses me already asking if I couldn't stay one more day and telling me he hopes I come back really soon, then inviting to the house he rented for the 4th with all his friends, that was happening in 2wks from that time... now I'm back where I moved to and I wished him a happy birthday and he hasn't even texted me in 3 days with just a thank you? I never hid the fact I have a bf, we actually talked about him when we were driving around, and he also told me that he would take care of me for the rest of my life if I wanted... so what I don't understand, that with all that said, being just friends now, why he won't respond to my text?

GUYS Opinion needed!!


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  • Seems to me like he didn't want no friends not more.

    • Like he doesn't want to be friends anymore?

    • Yes. Not sure why he got distant the 1st time. But when you cam back he definitely wanted you for himself. So when his last ditch attempt failed and you took that plane back, he gave up.

      That's how I feel about your story anyways.

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  • Not sure from your title if you were just wanting men's opinions, ( the? Threw me off, if yes disregard mine ;)

    Honestly, this has a few red flags IMO. Are you interested in him or not? If you're just friends I'm not sure why it would be of concern. Do you still have a desire to be with him? If he knows you have a boyfriend he may just be distancing himself because it makes no sense to become involved with you since you're already with someone.