Girls what do you think of a muscular guys?

If a guy have more or less muscles does that affect your thoughts about how attractive he is? If so what muscle groups should a guy work out on


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  • It let's me know he is conscious of his body and that's a good quality to have. If he is cute with muscles, then its a Damn from me.
    If you are going to lift work Everything, don't forget your legs, because that allows you to get bigger on top as well


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  • I personally prefer a guy with muscles, that is because I work out too. But to answer you question a guy becomes HOTTER with muscles, but of course when his IQ is damn low, thats a turn off. You should train your whole body, not just one muscle group. Also don't forget to train your legs! nothing is more ugly then a guy with big shoulders and chicken legs.

  • Muscular guys are super sexy.

    • Like how muscular in your own opinion?

    • I mean not to the point where he looks like he has taken steroids. But some nice muscle to grab onto where you don't feel like you can wrap your hands around there arms has always been enough for me.

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